What Nano-Trading is Not and What it Is.

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May be we can explain what Nano-Trading is by explaining what it is not.

What Nano-Trading is Not:

·         Nano-Trading does not use Technical Analysis indicators (MACD, RSI, Stochastics, etc).

·         Nano-Trading is not about 'fast' or 'high frequency' trading yet it still needs a massive amount of processing power, custom software and low latency to succeed.

A little more on what Nano-Trading is:

·         Nano-Trading is more like Morse Code....Dot, Dot, Dash, Dash, Dot, Dash, Dash

o   Where the Dot's and the Dash's are discrete Price movements....kinda like:

§  Price Up, Price Up, Price Down, Price Down, Price Down, Price Up

·         Feel free to make up your own 'Morse Code' algos.

·         Nano-Trading offers setups that are consistent for a particular market across all market environments.

·         Increased volatility does not alter a Nano-Trading system, it only provides more setups.


Hope this helps clarify some things and sets you pondering the possibilities.

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